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EU & UK GDPR Article 27, NIS representation

Privacy Services LLC is an independent, global firm providing services for EU & UK NIS & GDPR representation under article 27 to non-EEA or non-UK companies and consulting on the protection of personal data.

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Data Protection &

Protect Your Business from Cyber Threats! In today's digital world, cybersecurity is non-negotiable.
Are you confident that your organization is fully shielded from potential attacks?

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NIS Representation

Navigate NIS Compliance with Confidence! Is your organization grappling with the intricacies of NIS (Network and Information Systems) Directive compliance?
We've got the expertise you need!

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Audit & Compliance

Is your business ready to safeguard customer trust and meet the latest privacy regulations? Don't wait until it's too late!
Ensure your data practices are compliant with our comprehensive Privacy Audit & Compliance services.

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Privacy Creation

Data Privacy & Cybersecurity

While organizations strive to be innovative via the use of new technology, processes and frameworks must be put in place, and risks must be handled proactively to guarantee compliance with data protection and privacy legislation. Furthermore, businesses are more vulnerable to data and cyber-security breaches, which may cause substantial financial and reputational harm to all sorts of enterprises.

Preventing fines and loss of reputation

Under the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO), in the UK, can now issue fines of up to 4% of a company’s annual turnover, or €20 million (whichever is greater) for the worst data offences.

Improving processes and strategies

Cyber attacks and data breaches are inescapable, but the proactive planning we provide proves that you've assessed the risks, as well as your business continuity and breach reporting plans, in the event that something goes wrong - ideally lowering any costs.

Compliance with all responsibilities

The goal is to avoid any information security-related legal, statutory, regulatory, or contractual duties, as well as any security requirements.

Maintain the integrity of customer’s information

Information Security Management Systems (ISMS) & Privacy Information Management Systems (PIMS) help businesses with "exemplary" data privacy discipline experience 83% better customer loyalty than those with "poor" privacy programs.

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“The bad guys do not appoint Art.27 representatives”

Counsel recently iterated these words in a High Court case regarding the role of Article 27 representatives (Mr Baldo Sansó Rondón v LexisNexis Risk Solutions UK Limited [2021] EWHC 1427).

In another case in May 2021 the Dutch DPA imposed a fine of €525,000 on, a USA company for failing to appoint Article 27 EU representative.

In short, if you want to continue to sell to your EU and/or UK customers, or target EU and/or UK customers after 31 December 2020, then you may need to appoint an EU and/or UK representative.

Privacy Services LLC offers both EU and UK GDPR representative services.

When is a NIS representative relevant?

The NIS Directive is an EU Directive that was enacted into UK law as The Network and Information Systems Regulations 2018 (NIS Regulation). The NIS focusses on the security of network and information systems and the digital data within them. This is the first piece of EU wide cyber security legislation and aims to create a higher common level of network and information system security across the EU’s critical infrastructure.

The NIS came into force in May 2018, at the same time as the GDPR, but they are distinctly different. The key difference is that the GDPR affects the processing of personal data: Information which relates to an identified or identifiable natural person....

NIS concerns the security of network and information systems. Another dissimilarity is that GDPR applies to all organisations processing personal data and NIS applies to specific sectors and organisation sizes.

Privacy Services LLC offers both EU and UK NIS representative services.

Brexit: The urgent need to appoint a UK representative for GDPR

With the Brexit behind us, a number of data protection compliance actions must be considered by organisations, including whether the appointment of an article 27 representative in the UK and/or the EU is necessary. The UK Data Protection Brexit Regulations which amend the retained EU law version of the GDPR (the “UK GDPR”). This is required by Article 27 of the UK GDPR.

In this situation, organisations must appoint EU and/or UK representative(s) in a relevant EEA country and/or the UK. In certain situations, and as a consequence of Brexit, organisations may have to appoint a representative in both the EU and the UK.

Privacy Services LLC offers both EU and UK GDPR & NIS representative services.

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